3. First Tests

You need to write a test class for each tested class.

Imagine that you want to test the traditional class HelloWorld, then you must create the test class test\units\HelloWorld.


If you are starting with atoum it is recommended to install the package ´atoum-stubs <https://packagist.org/packages/atoum/stubs>´_. This will bring autocompletion to your IDE.


atoum uses namespaces. For example, to test the Vendor\Project\HelloWorld class, you must create the class Vendor\Project\tests\units\HelloWorld or tests\units\Vendor\Project\HelloWorld.

Here is the code of the HelloWorld class that we will test.

# src/Vendor/Project/HelloWorld.php

namespace Vendor\Project;

class HelloWorld
    public function getHiAtoum ()
        return 'Hi atoum !';

Now, here is the code of the test class that we could write.

# src/Vendor/Project/tests/units/HelloWorld.php

// The test class has is own namespace :
// The namespace of the tested class + "test\units"
namespace Vendor\Project\tests\units;

// You must include the tested class (if you don't have an autoloader)
require_once __DIR__ . '/../../HelloWorld.php';

use atoum;

 * Test class for Vendor\Project\HelloWorld
 * Note that they had the same name that the tested class
 * and that it derives frim the atoum class
class HelloWorld extends atoum
     * This method is dedicated to the getHiAtoum() method
    public function testGetHiAtoum ()
            // creation of a new instance of the tested class


                    // we test that the getHiAtoum method returns
                    // a string...
                        // ... and that this string is the one we want,
                        // namely 'Hi atoum !'
                        ->isEqualTo('Hi atoum !')

Now, launch our tests. You should see something like this:

$ ./vendor/bin/atoum -f src/Vendor/Project/tests/units/HelloWorld.php
> PHP path: /usr/bin/php
> PHP version:
=> PHP 5.6.3 (cli) (built: Nov 13 2014 18:31:57)
=> Copyright (c) 1997-2014 The PHP Group
=> Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2014 Zend Technologies
> Vendor\Project\tests\units\HelloWorld...
=> Test duration: 0.00 second.
=> Memory usage: 0.25 Mb.
> Total test duration: 0.00 second.
> Total test memory usage: 0.25 Mb.
> Running duration: 0.04 second.
Success (1 test, 1/1 method, 0 void method, 0 skipped method, 2 assertions)!

We just test that the method getHiAtoum:

The tests passed, everything is green. Your code is solid as a rock with atoum!

3.1. Dissecting the test

It’s important to understand each part of the test. Let’s look at each section.

First, we use the namespace Vendor\Project\tests\units where Vendor\Project is the namespace of the class and tests\units the part of the namespace use by atoum to understand that we are in the test namespace. This special namespace is configurable as explained in the appropriate section. Then, inside the test method, we use a special syntax given and then. They do nothing other than making the test more readable. Finally we use a couple more simple tricks, newTestedInstance and testedInstance to get a new instance of the tested class.